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Entertainment Management
The management company of Meigao International is a professional company engaged in various entertainment projects such as night clubs, mass-market KTVs, slow rock bars and other entertainment projects. Wait for one-stop service.
Meigao appointed a senior entertainment management team to understand the actual situation in the local area and conduct a feasibility analysis of the project investment to provide investors with creative design suggestions and planning proposals!

Macro-micro investment environment analysis
Site Comprehensive Evaluation
Functional layout planning
Theme design
Source market survey and target source positioning
Business theme and orientation
Product and portfolio model positioning
Analysis of operating highlights and competitive advantages
Investment management model planning
Regional consumer market survey
The establishment of product prices and price systems
Product investment scale planning
Investment measurement
Analysis of project return on investment
Use of local preferential policies and tax planning
Comprehensive investment risk assessment
Preparations for opening
Meigao International has appointed a team of management experts to coordinate and manage all the work before the project starts according to the characteristics of the entertainment and the characteristics of the project, and participate in assisting the owner to complete the following main content:
Establish and improve the overall organizational structure
Develop staffing and recruitment plans
Create job descriptions for each rank
Formulate employee salary and benefits budget
Develop overall rules and regulations
Develop a detailed preparation plan
Develop an overall business plan
Operational Feature Design
Establish an overall operating system
Cost control management
Warehouse management
Fund operation management
Service operation manual for each department
Commonly used forms
Develop a financial authorization system
Determine financial computer software requirements
Computer system and cash register purchase and budget
Develop a fixed asset management system
Formulate overall training plan and budget for opening
Employee induction training
Design of VI
Designs for various customers
Design and revision of computer reports and printed materials of various departments
Staff uniform design and production budget
Develop a procurement plan and budget for supplies
Assist in the overall procurement of supplies
Assist equipment selection
Various appliances, supplies and linen
Furniture, curtain fabrics and lamps at the business locations
Various suppliers implement supply channels for various materials
Establish agreement customer file
Collaborative acceptance decoration
Develop an opening celebration plan
Operations Management
Meigao International sent a management team to implement the following daily management tasks in response to the actual needs of entertainment:
Formulation of business strategy plan
Objective management plan formulation
Annual \ Quarterly \ Monthly Operating Forecast
Formulation of operational indicators
Formulation of performance appraisal plan
Marketing strategy development
Construction of Enterprise Culture
Development of this control plan
Employee on-the-job training and assessment
Service quality supervision assessment and improvement
Design guide
Meigao International brings together senior entertainment experts and professional designers, and proposes Meigao International's design suggestions and schemes according to market characteristics and needs and project positioning, referring to the latest entertainment venue design styles at home and abroad. The main tasks include:

Functional positioning
Overall function positioning
Entertainment function positioning
Catering function positioning

Area ratio and layout requirements of each functional layout
Area ratio and layout of each area including lobby, private room, stage, slow bar, dining and other areas

Design recommendations
Overall style
Stage design
Private room design
Slow shake design
Catering Design

System design recommendations
Lighting system
Speaker system
Electrical system design
HVAC system design
Weak current system design
Water supply and drainage system design
Fire protection system design
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